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mother and newborn baby photo

Hey there Mama!

When people say 'kids grow up so fast', its TRUE!

I'm finding that out for myself, my kids went from babies to a 5 and 7 year old in a blink of an eye. You think you have A LOT more time to soak it all up. But we get busy being mums and the day to day grind kicks in then all of a sudden its another year later.

Imagine if you could encapsulate the extraordinary love you share, preserving it in a timeless vessel. Well, let's hang out for an hour together and I'll bring my camera!






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Take a minute to fill out the contact form below and then relax. It might take up to two days until I get back to you. We'll chat through email/phone to see if we are the right fit for each other.

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Step Three

Bring your smiles, laughter and open mind and allow me to take care of the rest!

"Life is an unstoppable force that doesn't wait for anyone. It moves forward, carrying us along its incredible journey."

Lifestyle Portrait photography

Hello, its Asha 👋🏻



You are here because you are looking for unposed natural photos. Good, I love that as well. I'm going to make that happen for you. You're getting a photographer that has travelled the world and my love for photography grew through taking thousands and thousands of photos on our travels. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence as you are getting a mum of two young boys. So I understand children and sometimes getting them to take part in our session isn't always easy. There's no stress from me to get the 'shot'. So going with the flow and accommodating with what your child needs at the time is what it's all about. Natural candid shots, even if there are tears!


1 / 5

~ Sharni

mother and baby kissing creek portrait Mothar Mountain

I cannot recommend Asha enough for family photos, she went above and beyond to make sure her photos are exactly what we envisioned, her eye for detail is incredible and she made us feel so at ease and comfortable during the session, my children absolutely loved her and that truly showed in her photos, I will defiantly be recommending Asha to my friends and family and will be booking multiple photo sessions with her to capture my children growing up.

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